Home Printer Print on Cardstock

Can a Standard Home Printer Print on Cardstock? 

Regular paper is of no use when you want to print greeting cards, visiting cards and other types of cards. Instead of regular paper, you need cardstock. Cardstock is thicker than conventional paper used for printing documents. Printing your own card at home is much cheaper than employing the services of a professional printer. You can also create your own designs and add images of your choice to the cards. However, the question that is asked is whether or not a standard home printer can print on cardstock. The answer is yes, it can. But there are some points which you must remember if you want to print on cardstock using your home printer.

Home Printer Print on Cardstock

The thickness of cardstock and coating 

The thickness of the cardstock can be given in pounds such packs of 60 pounds, 80 pounds or 100 pounds of cardstock. The thickness of cardstock can also be expressed in points such as 10 or 16, with points being directly proportional to the thickness. Most models of home printers can print on cardstock of 80 pounds or 10 points. Cardstock with a coating which is very glossy in appearance is difficult to be printed on using a standard home printer because the ink does not absorb well in the coated surface. To print on coated cardstock, the printer must be capable of printing photos.

Type of printer 

There are multiple models of printers available under 20,000 rs price in the market. Models which have heavy paper settings can be used to print on cardstock. To check the maximum paper thickness which a printer can handle, check the paper handling section under the specifications tab of that printer. The thickness which can be handled by the printer is given in gram per square metre or gsm. Also, check the minimum and maximum size which the printer can handle.

Custom size setting

Many standard home printers offer custom sizes to print papers of sizes entered by the user. This feature is very useful for printing cardstock. In order to feed the custom size in such a printer, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • To access Print Driver, click on File, select Print and then click on Properties
  • Look for Page Size or Paper Size option
  • Click on Custom Size or User Defined Size option
  • Type the width and height of the cardstock

If the custom size option is not present in your printer driver, you can access the manufacturer’s website to look for new updated drivers for your printer. A new driver having custom size feature may be present which you can download and install.

Correct size 

Rectangular cardstock needs to be printed in landscape or portrait orientation. If your printed cardstock must be tall, then select portrait. But if it must be wide, then select landscape. After selecting the orientation in the word document, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Click on File>Print>Properties
  • Select Orientation
  • Click on Landscape or Portrait

Printing Process 

Prior to printing on cardstock, go to the printer driver by clicking on “Properties”. Click on the “Printer Settings” tab and select the type of media from the list. After that, select Cardstock or Glossy Cardstock under “Paper Type” tab. Enter the correct size of the cardstock. Click on “OK” followed by “Print”.

Print a sample cardstock first to ascertain the quality. Make changes in the settings if required. Feeding multiple cardstocks into the tray can cause it to jam because the cardstock is thick. Feed one cardstock at a time.

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