Fitness Band or Smartwatch

Fitness Band or Smartwatch – What’s the Difference?

Whether it is in terms of eating healthy or doing regular exercise, every person wants to stay fit these days. Due to an active lifestyle, many people forget to keep track of their vitals. Fitness bands and smartwatches are the two most debatable topics amidst the technology lovers. Many people often use these two terms interchangeably; however, it is not accurate!

To clear your doubts and to let you select a desirable watch, we are here to site a few differences between smartwatches and fitness bands:

Fitness Band or Smartwatch

1. Cost

Fitness trackers are usually less costly than the smartwatches. A survey has shown that the most popular smartwatch of Apple Inc. is much more costly than the Fitbit fitness tracker. However, there can be a lot of variation in price according to the features it presents to you. Different brands have different prices; therefore, you can always have a smartwatch or fitness tracker at a budget-friendly cost. Another reason for the cheaper cost of fitness bands is the material of its band. The smartwatch bands usually consist of a metal band. But, the fitness bands have straps of sturdy plastics.

2. Storage space

Neither of the smartwatch or fitness band have external card slot as a mobile phone. However, the inbuilt storage of both of these devices is sufficient. Most of the brands offer internal storage up to 4 GB. However, the kind of storage file varies in both these watches. Where a smartwatch stores files like different apps and support their features; on the other hand, a fitness band usually has lesser storage as it is not compatible with a lot of mobile phone apps. The internal hardware of a smartwatch and fitness band is different. Therefore, if you are looking for a more reliable storage space, go for a smartwatch.

3. Display

Let us first talk about the display shapes; most of the fitness bands have a longitudinal display screen. But, it is not the same with the smartwatches. A smartwatch can have variable screen shapes depending upon the shape of the dial. The primary focus of a fitness band is the tracking of daily activities like heart rate, steps, calories, and sleep regulation, and all of these features are presented in the display. However, the smartwatches can also perform as an activity tracker and also connect to your smartphone via various apps. Talking about the resolution, the smartwatches mostly have a resolution around 220 x 176 range, but it can extend up to 440 x 368 as in apple watches. The OLED display of the fitness trackers also varies according to the brand and can be readily visualized in daylight.

4. Charge

The fitness trackers are usually equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries that can run for up to a week to a month with one charge. The smartwatches also have a similar battery life depending upon the manufacturer.

5. Features

A smartwatch can readily perform the function of a fitness tracker, but it is not true vice versa. A smartwatch can tell time, activity tracking, apps, receive messages, calls, and other notifications too. You can also find a lost phone or key from a smartwatch. However, a fitness band will only help you in tracking daily activity.

We hope you have clearly understood the concept of a smartwatch and a fitness band. Go and grab your favorite pieces now!

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