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Formal Shoes vs Casual Shoes: What’s the Difference?

Selecting footwear is not an easy task, there is too much option to choose from and it could always be a challenging task. Do you know that women would find it difficult to distinguish from a formal and casual shoe as the options are vast and men will find it comparatively easier as choose as for men the options are limited. Yes, this true, and in general, most people today find it difficult to distinguish between formal and casual shoes. There are several reasons for it, one of the reasons already mentioned above, and the other important one being the brands invested in footwear.

If you need to know the difference between a formal shoe and casual shoe, here are the three major differences.

Formal Shoes

  • The shape of the toe and the laces 

The shape of the shoes commonly does not matter to most people when it comes to distinguishing it. But, to your information, a good formal shoe and casual shoe has a different shape. If the shoe has a pointed and elongated shape, then it would be a formal shoe. This does not mean that all formal shoes come in this shape, there are formal shoes with round or square toes too. However, the majority of formal does have this distinct feature of the elongated and pointy body.

On the other hand, casual shoes are stylish and could be made of leather or any fabric. It does not have a specific shape or style. Colorful sneakers, boots, canvas shoes, etc. are casual shoes. When it comes to lace, a formal shoe will have a standard shoe lace that would be neat and structured. But, a casual shoe would lack such features.

  • Brogueing and add-ons 

Formal shoes are all about decoration and the level of Brogueing. When compared to casual shoes a formal shoe would have more Brogueing. In simple words, if you want to judge if a shoe is casual or formal, you just need to look at the Brogueing on it. Most formal shoes look classic with the least add-on of different colors. But they will stand out in a bunch. If you find a classic black shoe with decoration and Brogueing on the body or tip, then consider it to be a formal shoe.

  • Color and texture 

Yes, the color and texture of a shoe would be different in both casual and formal shoes. While in the beginning, it was easy to distinguish, today, the fashion trend has taken a toll on this factor. While there are formal shoes that come in bizarre colors and textures, most top brands tend to maintain a single color and texture uniqueness. Apart from this, the matte and shiny finish is also found commonly in formal shoes. We would recommend people to stick to that style if they need formals. On the other hand, shoes that have a combination of colors and textured could all be grouped as casual shoes.

In general, a formal shoe is entirely different from a casual shoe in terms of style, design, shape, color, and texture. If you observe, you would be able to distinguish them easily.

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