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High-Grade Models of Luminous Ceiling Fans

Luminous Power Technologies are widely known for its inverter batteries and power backup solutions. But the company also manufactures ceiling fans and many other consumer home electricals. The ceiling fans by Luminous vary with respect to design, style and features. Thus, various models have been grouped under various ranges. If you want to purchase a Luminous ceiling fan, you will have options from the following ranges.

Signature Range 

Signature Range has ceiling fans modelled on the unique aspects of various cities such as Jaipur, London, Rio and New York. Each city-specific model brings the splendour of that city to life in the room.

Jaipur models are designed to mimic the royal splendour of the Maharajas of the pink city. The extravagant design imparts a royal touch to the room. For example, Jaipur Mahal Thar Gold model has an artistic design like the royal interiors of palaces in Jaipur. UV metallizing on the bottom cover enhances its shine. The blade sweep is 1300 mm. Top speed is 320 RPM, and the airflow rate is 230 CMM.

London models are designed to impart the old world charm and sophistication of London of yore to the room. The aristocracy of old London is reflected in the design. For example, the London Big Ben model, which is beige in colour and is integrated with LED light. The light diffuser attached to the fan resembles a chandelier which enhances the aesthetics of the room. The fan has 5-speed settings operated by remote control. Blade sweep is 1200 mm. Maximum speed is 350 RPM, and the air flow rate is 230 CMM.

Decorative Premium Range 

Decorative Premium Range features stylish fans having matte, glossy, metallic and tone finishes. These fans impart a style element to the room decor. Altogether, the decorative premium fans are a mix of high performance and superior aesthetics.

For example, Audie Mirage is white in colour and has a modern design. The blades are wider at the ends to provide high air circulation. The strong motor has a power rating of 78 W. Blade sweep is 1200 mm. This is a high-speed fan with a top speed of 380 RPM. The air flow generated by the fan is 230 CMM.

Aspiration Range 

Aspiration Range of ceiling fans are characterized by stunning finishes such as wood finish and metallic finish. The blades are constructed of ABS or 100% aluminium. These remote control ceiling fans are integrated with LED lighting. Overall, these fans enhance the luxury quotient of the rooms.

For example, Lumaire Wine Red ceiling fan has corrosion-resistant aluminium blades. The motor body is made of aluminium die-cast. Integrated LED light has a power rating of 10 W. There are 5-speed settings controlled by a remote.

Performance Range 

Performance Range of ceiling fans has a very strong motor which generates high air circulation. Another important characteristic is the superior paint finish.

For example, Hi Air Classic Brown Cedar has a bigger sized motor with a power rating of 72 W. The top speed is 380 RPM, and the air flow rate is 235 CMM.

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