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How Can I Estimate my Baby’s Weight at Home

Weight gain is an important parameter to determine the growth of a baby. A growing baby can gain 5-7 ounces of weight per week. Even though the doctor measures the weight of the baby at each appointment, parents often prefer to monitor the weight of their baby to get a clear idea about his/her growth rate. To this end, weighing the baby at home is the best option because doctor’s appointments are not frequent.

The baby can be weighed using a bathroom scale, kitchen scale or special scale. All three methods of weighing have been discussed here.

baby scale

Bathroom Scale 

A standard bathroom scale can be used to weigh your baby. This is a widely used method to weigh babies. First, you need to stand on the bathroom scale and note down your weight reading. Thereafter, hold your baby in your arms and stand on the bathroom scale again. Note down the weight reading. Now subtract your single weight reading from the combined weight reading of you and your baby. The result is the weight of your baby. Digital bathroom scales are more accurate than analogue scales because they give down to ounces weight readings which is very useful to measure baby’s weight. However, digital scales can also miss the exact weight by an ounce or more. An uneven floor can also disrupt accuracy. But bathroom scales are cheap and also last for long periods. Thus, using a bathroom scale is considered to be the best for measuring the baby’s weight at home.

Kitchen Scale 

A kitchen scale is also a good method of weighing your baby at home. Even if you don’t have a kitchen scale, you can purchase one, especially for your baby. First, you need to adjust the reading of the scale to zero. After that, place a baking sheet, towel or blanket on the surface of the kitchen scale and put on the baby on it. A bowl can also be put on the surface to hold the baby. Many models of kitchen scales come with their containers. A kitchen scale is accurate up to ounces because it is designed to weigh food. However, the scale can still fall short of a couple of ounces of the exact weight due to baby’s movements and other reasons. The weight limit of a kitchen scale is low, and the base can also be small.

Special Scale 

Special Scale is designed specially to weigh babies. Baby weighing scales are used by doctors to weigh babies. But such a scale can also be purchased by parents to measure their baby at home. A baby scale is equipped with a tray on which the baby needs to lay. It is easy for the baby the stay still on the tray. In order to weigh your baby, first set the reading to zero. Place the baby naked on the tray. Ensure that there are no rough edges which can hurt the baby. The baby scale should be accurate up to 10 grams. Baby scales are also available on rent.

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