Alkaline Water Purifier

How Does Alkaline Water Purifier Works

The pH of regular drinking water is 7, which is neutral pH. The pH of alkaline water is greater than 7 ranging between 8 and 9. However, higher pH is not the only determinant of alkaline water. Alkaline water also contains alkaline minerals and has negative oxidation-reduction potential.

Alkaline water purifier, also known as water ioniser, uses the process of electrolysis to change water into alkaline water and acidic water chemically. There are many reputed brands of alkaline water purifiers in the market.

Alkaline Water Purifier


Water is split into hydrogen and oxygen by passing an electric current through it. The process of electrolysis generates negatively charged hydroxyl ions at the positively charged electrode called Cathode while hydrogen ions are produced at a negatively charged electrode called Anode. Water present at the Cathode containing hydroxyl ions is alkaline water because it has high pH while water present at Anode is acidic because it has low pH. Alkaline water is used for drinking. Acidic water is also useful for disinfecting surfaces and washing dishes due to its anti-germ action. Modern alkaline water purifiers are equipped with semi-permeable ion-exchange membranes to separate acidic and alkaline water.

High-quality alkaline water purifiers are also equipped with filters. Sediment filters remove physical impurities from the water while carbon filters eliminate chemical contaminants from the water. An alkaline water purifier can also be incorporated into a multiple water purification system.


Alkaline water purifier provides alkaline water having negative oxidation-reduction potential. This means the alkaline water acts as an antioxidant which destroys the free radicals in the body. Destruction of free radicals improves the general health of the body. Thus, drinking alkaline water makes you healthy and energetic.

Alkaline water purifier produces clusters of H2O which are small in size, hence absorbed by the body very easily. Thus, the body gets hydrated swiftly. The water is also rich in oxygen which enhances the energy store of the body.

Alkaline water produced by an alkaline water purifier increases the pH of urine which helps kidneys in eliminating more toxins from the body. Thus, alkaline water is good for detoxification and prevents health problems.

The body maintains the body pH at neutral. However, if your body is acidic, then there is an extra strain on your system to maintain a neutral pH. High pH negatively affects the body cells and increases susceptibility to diseases. Drinking alkaline water helps the lowering pH value of the body, thereby aiding the system in maintaining neutral pH.

Alkaline water from an alkaline water purifier helps in losing weight. Junk food increases the pH of the body. Fat is produced by the body to counter the acidity of the body, which increases the weight. Drinking alkaline water increases the pH of the body, which prevents weight gain.

Alkaline water reduces the pH of the body, and the alkaline state improves the immune system of the body. Thus, drinking alkaline water helps in preventing diseases.

Other benefits of alkaline water include lowering of blood sugar levels and reduced risk of allergic reactions.

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