Wheel Chocks

How Many Wheel Chocks do you Need?

Wheel chocks can be extremely beneficial to users in emergencies. And if you use them properly, you can get flawless results from them without worrying about your vehicle to slip. So, whether you are using the chocks for the first time or have used them before, we will suggest you to use them properly after reading all the instructions.

By doing this, you will be able to get full use of the wheel chocks and use them properly without any doubt in mind.

How many wheel chocks do you need?

One major concern that most wheel chock users have in mind is the ideal number of chocks that they should use for their vehicles. And though it totally depends on the situation and your car’s weight, we will recommend you to use at least two wheel chocks for your vehicle. Ideally, the wheel chocks should be used on the back wheels of the vehicle, however, you can use them on any pair of tires according to the needs. Never use the chocks on one tire of each side.They are meant to be used for either front, or back tires and you should keep this in mind whenever you are using them.

Wheel Chocks

Some users prefer using the vehicles chocks for all four wheels. However, it is totally optional. If you want to extra safe and want to be assured of getting the best results and flawless performance, you should use the four wheel chocks to be extra sure. Otherwise, the two wheel chocks are enough to hold the car.

The four wheel chocks are only required in those special cases where the vehicle can roll in either direction and you do have enough trust on your brakes. In this case, using the wheel chocks on all tires will be the ideal solution. So, try this info and buy the pair or two pairs of wheel chocks for your vehicle as per the needs. We will suggest you to buy wheel chocks for all the tires so that you can use them when needed.

What are the precautions that you should take while using the wheel chocks?

Apart from choosing the durable wheel chocks, there are a few more precautions that you should keep in mind while using the wheel chocks. Some of them are listed here. Make sure to keep them in mind to be assured of getting a flawless performance.

  • Use good quality wheel chocks
  • Make sure that they perfectly fit on the tires before start working
  • Make sure to use the wheel chocks on a plane surface


In other words, if you are looking to hold the car perfectly, you should use the wheel chocks for all four tires. Otherwise, if you are looking for just adequate safety, the two wheel chocks are enough for holding the car. Just make sure that you use them on the right pair of wheels and you can be assured of getting the best results.

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