Kitchen Torch

How to Choose The Right Kitchen Torch

Kitchen torches might appear easy to shop products but, they are not. A beginner should always take care of the following points to keep themselves protected and cook the meal efficiently at the same time.

Here are some points that you might need to look before buying a right kitchen torch:

  • The burning duration & intensity

The burn time of the torches is one of the most necessary considerable attributes. You can also determine the burn time with the help of a transparent fuel gauge. When you are aware of the volume of gas left in the tank, you will never have to run out of fuel in between the cooking session. Commonly, the kitchen torches have 30 minutes running time, when used without pause. However, a few models can last longer depending upon their fuel levels. Some of them run for about 60 minutes. Also, make sure to select a kitchen torch of accurate intensity. It can vary from person to person and the kind of food they are roasting.

Kitchen Torch

  • Handle and convenience of use

The second most significant feature after the burn time and intensity of the torch is the mode of use. Many of the users are beginners; therefore, it is quite essential to choose a design that allows you enough comfort while using the product. Make sure to choose a canister with a handle that is comfortable to grip and operate the torch. It should never slip down from your hands as it can invite accidental kitchen injuries to your way.

  • Dial for adjustment of flame

A dial or adjustment lever is extremely necessary to have in a kitchen torch. It is because different foods demand distinctive intensity of the flames. Some of them may be nicely roasted and glazed with a similar flame intensity, while the others seem to burn and acquire an unpleasant taste. Various models of kitchen torches have a difference in the position of adjustment lever. Before finalizing a culinary torch, make sure to operate it and see if it is convenient for you to adjust it or not.

  • The kind of torch that you want to use

A culinary or kitchen torch comes in two forms-a butane torch and a propane one. A butane torch comes in a canister form with refills. It has a shorter size as compared to the propane ones. The intensity of the flame of propane torches are much higher than the butane torches. For a beginner, we recommend buying a convenient design butane torch. Experts can go for anyone of these according to their requirement.

  • Additional safety features
  • A safety lock should always be present that will protect the children against burns and damage.
  • Check if the kitchen torch qualifies CPSC i.e child safety requirements or not.
  • A heat shield system can prevent the operator from burn injuries (especially on hands).
  • Sometimes the flame can flare out accidentally, check for the presence of flame guard that can save you from this inconvenience.

Those were the essential points to consider before purchasing a kitchen torch. Thank you for reading!

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