Car Dash Cams

How to Pick the Best Car Dash Cams

Dash cameras are one of the best things that you could incorporate into your automobile. Most people assume that dashcam has no importance or no benefits at all. It is wrong, a dash cam offers several benefits, this comes as safety and record to everything happening in your car or outside your car.

A dash camera, in the beginning, was designed to be simple and for a single purpose only. However, today, a dash camera comes incorporated with several advanced features. Therefore, there are several factors that you need to consider before purchasing a dash camera.

Car Dash Cams

  1. Video resolution 

One of the most important factors that you need to consider while purchase a quality car dash camera is the video resolution offered. When it comes to car dash cameras, the video resolution could range from 480p to 4K quality, and as the quality increases, the price also increases. However, if you do not have a specific requirement, then we recommend you that consider a dash camera with a minimum of 720p video quality. Remember, as the quality of the video increases, the more memory it consumes and the more power.

  1. Storage capacity 

Yes, car dash cameras come with inbuilt memory and also expandable memory. It is all up to the user to select a camera with appropriate storage space. If you are purchasing a 720p video dash camera, you should know that 1-hour 720p video would be 1 Gb and if it is 1080p video, it could be around 6 Gb. Even if the inbuilt storage capacity of the camera is small, consider purchasing the ones with higher expandable memory. We recommend, to purchase a device with at least 64 Gb memory.

  1. Night vision 

There are different types of dash cameras available on the market, some of them designed for day use and some of both day and night use. A dash camera designed for night use comes with a night vision feature that enables the camera to work efficiently at night. If you are purchasing a dash camera then, we recommend that you do not avoid this feature.

The overall size of the camera 

Most people commonly neglect this feature, this factor should not be neglected as it could lead to accidents. As the size of the dash camera increases, it could block the view. Therefore, you must consider purchasing a car dash camera with a comparatively smaller size.

  1. Loop recording feature 

A car dash camera storage fills up very fast and it means the user will have to empty the SD card frequently. This means the user will have to keep track of the memory and delete it each time. However, if the camera has a loop feature, it would record the video and store it over the oldest footage. This feature gets rid of the manual frequent deletion.

  1. Automatic on/off 

This feature is not very important to most people, however, without this feature. The user will have to switch on and switch off the device every time you switch n and switch off the ignition.

A car dash camera could from different brands and at with different features and prices. If you are looking for the best, then you should consider all the factors mentioned above and do not skip any factors.

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