Is a manual treadmill good?

A manual treadmill is the best option for persons who aspire for weight loss at a lower budget. However, it falls behind its motorized counterpart, persons who want to work out on extra calories at the comfort of their home and budget. Manual treadmills are a good choice when you live in an apartment and cannot spend time working out in the gym. It does not mean that motorized treadmills will not help you better in achieving your weight loss goals.

Here is a look at the benefits of manual treadmills.


Cost is an important feature that allures the buyers towards a manual treadmill. Though you need to work a bit harder to maintain the perfect pace on a manual treadmill, you can be sure that you will get similar benefits with a manual treadmill in comparison with its motorized cousin. Since it does not contain any electrical component, a good manual treadmill is lesser in cost when compared to motorized treadmills. It has a lesser complicated mechanism and contributes to its lesser price.


Manual treadmills are compatible and occupy lesser space when compared to motorized gym machines. Manual treadmills provide similar features and inclinations like motorized treadmills and the only risk with manual treadmills is you need to control the pace and inclination of manual treadmills with your foot power. Some upgraded manual treadmills are equipped with battery consoles to give the details of your pace and amount of calories burnt.

Some manual treadmills that work on battery power are designed to control the pace you work out at. The only shortcoming in this regard is you need to work much harder to get the pace of workout with manual treadmills.

Another advantage with manual treadmills is they operate very quietly since motorized machines much noise while working out. You can track speed, time, distance, and the number of calories burnt using manual machines that operate on battery power.


Running might be troublesome with manual treadmills since you need to use much foot power to maintain a consistent pace while working out. Sometimes, the running belt of manual treadmills might not run smoother, and hence you might get annoyed to maintain constant pace on manual treadmills. Sometimes, running and inclined running might be stressful using manual treadmills. In some machines, the running belt will be smaller, and the pace will be reduced due to this issue. The bottom line here is, running with a constant pace will be stressful to your legs when you opt for manual treadmills.

Safety constraints

Manual machines are considered as a safer option when compared to the motorized treadmills since you will be safe from the risk of falling since you cannot control the speed of motorized machines and stop the machine all of a sudden sometimes. There is no need for a safety switch on manual machines to protect you from falling and stop the machine suddenly. To generate more foot power, you need to lay more stress on your muscles, and it might be troublesome in many cases. In this attempt, you might hold your breath for a long time which causes drastic growth in your blood pressure levels.

Final note

Manual treadmills are affordable and are comfortable for persons whose intention is to lose weight at their home at an affordable budget but cannot beat the comfort and ambience provided by motorized machines.

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