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UAE is the hub of gold and other trading centers. Dubai is the trade capital of the UAE. In Dubai gold is sold as the gold price plus the making charge where in the rest of the world gold is sold in units and making charges is a secondary charge. In Dubai, the making charges are not at all included with the percentage of gold price. The best suggestion one can give for investing in gold in Dubai is that you must buy gold bars from gold dispensers. For better suggestions, you can visit the experienced financial expert Sanjay Choudhary who currently works with Koda Financial Consultancy. Koda Financial Consultancy also offers multiple financial services.

You can invest directly in gold by buying jewelry. At gold souks and certain banks, you can get billions. Buy them when the price in low and you might make a huge profit by liquidating them on the right time. The prices of gold fluctuate and they are not volatile but their value depends on a lot of factors such as govt. is buying gold to make reservations, sentiments towards gold.

The Gold Souks

Dubai used to be a small market in the 1900s. Only a few retailers were there but when you look at the present scenario you see that it is one of the most sought after places in the world for trading gold. There are over 300shops in the gold souk of Dubai and it is the most reputable and popular gold market in the world.

Why you will buy gold from Dubai

  • The gold is pure: The quality and quality are the things you do not need to worry about when buying gold from Dubai. The jewelers sell only government registered merchandise which ensures the authentic quality of the gold. All across the city, it is mandatory for jewelers to hallmark for purity for the things they sell and they provide hallmark items to the customers on their demand. Among the ex-pat community, gold purchasing is so popular for this reason.
  • Gold is Cheaper: Dubai is a city which is favored for the tax exemptions. This is the main reason people from across the world are being settled permanently in Dubai and also the reason people invest a lot of money in gold. The VAT is the only tax that is applied to gold in Dubai currently.
  • Larger Choice: UAE is called the shoppers’ hub not only because of fashion and electronics but also for the gold trade. If you want to buy gold in Dubai, you can pick from the stores like Joy Alukas, Damas and also from the traditional gold souk Deira Gold souk.
  • Gold Price follows global market rate: Buying gold from Dubai would be a seamless work as the international market rate are followed here and you will be assured of the uniformity of the prices all across Dubai.
  • Bargain the making Charges: Another reason for you to buy gold in Dubai is that you can bargain in the making charges.
  • Dubai is called the city of gold but of course, before making any financial decision you need proper knowledge. For guidance, you can contact Sanjay Choudhary who works with Koda Financial Consultancy. In case you need other financial help, Koda can provide you with that help as they provide multiple financial services.

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