LED vs LCD which TV is Best?

Modern-day entertainment has a diversified face. There are various TV panel technologies to choose from and you may have different choices when it comes to the personal favorite. However, the two technologies that have been compared for a long period of time are LCDs and LEDs. Both the TV panels look the same from the outside, but have enormous differences when it comes to performance and value.

In the article, we will be comparing these two extremely popular TV panels and will talk about the better one for homeowners in terms of usability and value.

So, if you are also confused about the LCD and LED TV for your home, be with us until the end and buy the most suitable and reliable performer for yourself.


Comparison between LCD and LED TVs

Here, we are going to compare the LED and LCD TVs over five three points that most homeowners consider while purchasing a new LED TV in 15000 INR. By having a look at these points and comparisons, you will be able to make a better decision.

  • Performance

The first thing that buyers always look for while purchasing a TV is performance. The performance here includes both picture and sound quality. Frankly speaking, the LEDs are better performers than the LCDs. Whether it is about the panel quality or the display quality, the LED TVs are far better than the LCDs. Additionally, they are better in color reproduction and at the same price, you are getting a better-valued performance.

  • Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another important factor to consider while purchasing a perfect product for the home. The ideal TV should be energy efficient and should not strain eyes after prolonged use. And if you are considering efficiency, there won’t be a better choice thanLED TVs. The LED panels require less power and are a healthier option for the human eye. Thus, the LED TVs are the perfect option for the buyers who are looking to invest their money in an affordable, and perfect performer for them.

So, try your hands on the LED TVs if you are after efficiency without compromising with performance.

  • Value for money

For better performance and amazing value, you must consider buying a TV that provides amazing value for money. With the amazing value, you can be assured that you have invested your money in a product that is meant to perform and will last for longer than usual. And when it comes to LEDs and LCDs, the LED TVs provide better value for money to the buyers. With an amazing list of features, better efficiency, and excellent usability, LED TVs are great for home buyers. Try your hands on LED TVs if you have to choose one of them and get the best value for money.


In all, if you are looking for a better option and value for money, the LED TVs are a far better choice than LCD TVs. And additionally, they are available in a wide range of options. So, you can easily find a suitable LED TV for yourself.

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