Mosquito Net Canopy vs Foldable Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net Canopy vs Foldable Mosquito Net

Mosquito Nets protect the people from the illness-causing by mosquito bites while sleeping. It does not kill the mosquitoes; rather, it protects the people by shielding the mosquitoes to enter inside the area. Mosquito nets are designed in such a way that it fits the selected region, and provides protection from insects. The advantage of using mosquito nets is that it can be washed and reuse. They come in various sizes and shapes; the nets are made up of cotton, nylon, or polyester. The holes in the mosquito nets are designed in such a way that air flows and keeps the insects and mosquitoes away from the people.

There are few types of mosquito nets, let us discuss more on the canopy and foldable mosquito nets

Mosquito Net Canopy vs Foldable Mosquito Net

Canopy Mosquito Net:

The canopy mosquito nets are designed in such a way to prevent mosquito bites and airflow inside the canopy net. The canopy nets are kept at the top of the beds, and the sides or edges are covered from all the four sides.

Foldable Mosquito Net:

The foldable mosquito nets are designed for the people who usually travel. It is very easy to use and pack during travel. When a person is staying or travelling to mosquito infected areas, these foldable mosquito nets are useful.

Difference between the canopy and the foldable mosquito nets:

The following are the difference between the canopy mosquito net and the foldable mosquito net.

Size: The canopy mosquito nets usually come in different sizes, but it needs to install properly by tying the corners. The foldable mosquito nets also vary in sizes, but the three sizes are sealed and stitched. For adults you can go for a king-size and for your babies, you can go for baby mosquito nets.

Installation process: For a canopy mosquito net, there is a need for assisting or tying the net to all four corners. A foldable mosquito net does not need any assistance.

Use: Canopy mosquito nets cannot be used for travelling, it needs to be fixed and hanging each time you remove. A foldable mosquito net can be used for travelling, and it is portable.

Easy to pack: Packing a canopy involves more work like untying, folding, etc. It is a tedious task while packing the things on the move. A foldable net is very easy to fold, and it is very easy to pack in your things.

Space: Canopy mosquito nets can be installed only with the help of stands. The foldable net does not require any stands and can be placed on grounds also. It is useful when going on a trekking or camping trip.

There are so many varieties of mosquito nets available in the market. It is recommended to use a quality net for protection from mosquito bites. The CDC recommends for mosquito nets in the areas where Malaria and Zika are affected. Unlike the repellents, mosquito nets can be used as it is economical. You do not need to buy monthly.

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