Types of Trendy Jewellery 2020 you can get

Long crystal earrings for a queen look—unlike the drop-shaped earrings we mentioned earlier, these long crystal earrings look great when your hair is down. Their size allows you to wear your hair the way you feel more comfortable, which is amazing. These types of shapes like butterfly earrings or other  animal shaped  are the perfect accessory for all ladies who want to feel like princesses at their wedding. You can style them with detailed and Disney-inspired dresses effortlessly, ideal for any kind-of western wedding.

Influenced by the West 

Butterfly—the collection is a mix of colorful wings creating expressive elements, as well as delicate, everyday clothes that give it an unconventional and eccentric look, adding elegance and mysticism. A collection consisting of two-color palettes beautifully arranged in shades of orange in gilding and shades of blue in silver plating.

Cleopatra—the Arabic-style collection is a new move for the user who wants something different in everyday boring life and believes that you will flaunt it. The muse of the collection is the most powerful queen, the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt: Cleopatra. The motif comes from the costumes and ornaments of the queen herself. These motifs also have a symbolic reference in the history of Egypt: antique gilded Jewellery with motifs that have symbolic references in the ancient Egyptian civilization, i.e. Falcon, Scarab.

If you are a lover of GOLDEN JEWELLERY VERMEIL

Gold vermeil Jewellery (pronounced “ver-may”) is made of pure or very well gold plated 925 silver. You can also see this referred to as gilt silver or gold plated silver. It is one of our favorite finishes to use in our Jewellery designs as a solid gold alternative, along with gold filling.

Necklace with a Quatrefoil pendant in silver and gold to be considered gold vermeil, the United States requires a minimum purity of 10 carats gold: we mostly use 14 carat, 18 carat or 24 carat gold in our vermeil finishes. US regulations also require the plating to be at least 2.5 microns thick, making it a heavy duty finish. You will find that most jewellers around the world likely meet these vermeil gold finish requirements.

Advantages of vermeil gold Jewellery

Once again, the main advantage is simply the affordable price. Gold vermeil is a good alternative to solid gold. It won’t wear as well as a gold filled one, but most jewelers are able to create this finish much easier than gold filled one. Also, as with regular gold plated Jewellery, the finish can be repaired by reapplication.

You also have the added value of the entire piece made of precious metals, with the metal under the plating being real silver and not the base metal. This will help him maintain his value over time.for jewelry like for wedding 

Disadvantages of this gold vermeil Women Jewellery—The disadvantages here are the same as with gold plated wedding rings Jewellery, but with gold vermeil the plating is almost always heavier than standard gold plated metal which means it will wear better and the finish will last longer, especially with proper care.

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