What Are The Important Features Of Note Counting Machine?

What Are The Important Features Of Note Counting Machine?

Note counting machines are used by many businesses, churches, etc. Though the main purpose of using a note counting machine is to count the notes correctly in less time, they come with many unique features that add convenience to the note counting process. Therefore, by having a note counting machine, you can benefit those features and use the machine effectively.

Usually, the currency counting machines can count hundreds of notes, which is the basic function of these machines. But there are some other features like batching, fake note detection, and mixed value detection that make these machines effective to use. Here we are going to talk about these important features of note counting machines in detail.

So by the end of this article, you will learn about these features and can use these conveniently.

What Are The Important Features Of Note Counting Machine?

Fake Note Detection

Note counting machines are also popular as fake note detectors in the market. However, not all note counting machines include the fake note detection feature. Some machines come with this feature that adds extra convenience.

These machines use three types of sensors to do this task. Those three types of sensors are Ultraviolet detection, magnetic detection, and infrared detection.

  • Infrared Detection

Infrared or IR detection is the most effective method of all three methods. This method is used by many countries for high efficiency.

  • Ultraviolet Detection

Ultraviolet detection uses a sensitive ink that scans the notes, and when it gets exposed to the UV light, it glows. This way, the UV detection detects the fake notes and lets you know about that. The UV detection method is less effective than the infrared detection method. Still, this method is used in many machines.

  • Magnetic Detection

The magnetic detection method is the basic method of detecting fake notes. This method is used by most machines. But this method is not effective than UV and IR detection, and sometimes it detects the old notes as fake notes.

Mixed Value Detection

The mixed value detection feature arranges the notes according to the value and calculates the total value of the notes that you put in the machine. So, with this feature, you can know the number of notes and the value of them at once. This feature is handy for those who deal with a high volume of cash every day.


The Batching feature allows you to organize the notes into batches and calculate the total value of each batch. This feature is useful for those who count multiple notes every day.


These features of note counting machines are useful and can add extra convenience to businesses. But when added these features, the cost of the note counting machines may increase. Therefore, you can decide which feature is required for your business and pick that feature for better usability. But if you have a higher budget for buying a note counting machine, then you can consider using all these features for added convenience. Also, you need to ensure that you are enjoying using the machine that you have chosen for your business.

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