What causes smelly socks and how to get rid of it?

Having smelly socks can often cause embarrassment to a person. Think of it, you’re out somewhere in a group, and suddenly the odour from your socks hit the nostrils of everyone around. That can cause quite a distress. But you don’t have to loath yourself, as having smelly socks is a common case and many people face this situation. There are many quick and easy methods to get rid of this.

We here look at what causes smelly socks and how you can get rid of it down below. Read along.

What causes smelly socks?

Generally, smelly socks may arise out of smelly feet or bromodosis. Smelly feet or bromodosisis a widespread medical condition and occurs due to the buildup of sweat and fungus on the feet. Our feet have numerous sweat glands, so plenty of sweat inevitably gets released from it. This sweat gets absorbed by the socks and causes smelly socks.

The fabric mould and the design of the socks may also cause smelly socks. If the fabric of your socks does not breathe in,then it may cause a build of bacteria and create a bad odour. And in some case, your detergent may also be the reason for it. Some detergents may erode the breathing and sweat absorbing power of the socks. This can cause your socks to easily hold the sweat throughout the day resulting in smelly socks.

How to get rid of smelly socks?

Use sweat-absorbing socks

  • There are plenty of socks that come with sweat absorbing or sweat-wicking materials. These tend to help absorb the sweat and allow your feet to breathe in easily. This way, the sweat won’t hold off for long, and your feet and socks won’t smell.

Wash your feet frequently

  • Although this may seem like a common solution, it works great. Washing your feet frequently can help wash off the sweat and bacteria from them. It will help your feet to be clean of the bacteria arising from perspiration. This way, when you wear your socks, it won’t create that bad odour. You should at least wash your feet twice daily to keep it free from bacteria and moulds.

Change your socks frequently

  • Using the same socks time and again without washing them will cause the creation of fungus and bacteria on the socks. When you wear a sock, the sweat from your feet gets absorbed by the socks. If you don’t wash them frequently, then it will result in a buildup of fungus which stinks pretty bad. Change your socks at least daily and wash them clean with a detergent. This way, your socks will be fresh and ready to use without any chances of smelling bad.

Having smelly socks is not a serious issue and can be quickly taken care of if you follow a few basic norms. Take care of your feet and socks, and you won’t have to think of those smelly socks ever again.

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