What is Wedge Pillow & How Wedge pillow can be helpful for acid reflux?

Sleep quality plays an important role in day to day life as it keeps you energetic, productive, calm, and affect psychological health in several manners. People who usually face issues with sleep quality are tackling due to the poor quality of mattress or acid reflux. These two are the most common issue. 

A wedge pillow deals with acid reflux and enhances your sleep quality in several manners. You are most likely to sleep at a faster rate, and it will reduce back pain. You might be wondering that what’s a wedge pillow exactly and how it works? Well, we have the answers for you. Let’s have a look – 

Wedge Pillow Definition

A wedge pillow is a triangle-shaped pillow that works as a normal pillow, but it increases your upper body’s elevation. The slope is very consistent, and you can find a range of benefits sleeping this way. The pillow is not as firm as a normal one, but it will work better for sure. 

The first thing you notice is that firmness is to lower stage, which makes you full of a flat surface with no sinking related issues. The pillow’s material is breathable so that your upper half of the body doesn’t sweat because heating causes issues related to back or neck pain. 

The main goal of such a pillow is to make you feel ease while sleeping, reducing small health issues. The major reason to use a wedge pillow is for acid reflux, making it one of the impressive choices over the normal type of pillows available in the market. 

How Wedge Pillow Is Effective Against Acid Reflux?

Even though a wedge pillow looks simple, it works effectively to treat acid reflux. Before jumping into how it works, let’s take a look at what acid reflux is. 

Acid reflux is one of the common problems which occur due to an upset stomach. It can start due to eating unhealthy food, which is high in bad cholesterol, food with higher acidic nature, consuming the intense amount of caffeine, smoking cigarettes, and whatnot. Even if you are eating healthy, a poor habit of less or no workout might be the major reason. 

You can start getting a feel of pain in the stomach, burning, heartburn, bitter taste, dry cough, and a feel of vomit. You can opt for food or over the counter medicine, which can neutralize the pH level of the stomach and make you feel better. But, here’s a point, Wedge Pillow can treat this issue without consuming anything. 

A wedge pillow keeps you back straight and provides an elevation to sleep at a better angle. If you are sleeping flat, acid from your stomach is reaching your food pipe. Most of the problems start appearing at this stage, and if you are sleeping at an elevation, you won’t have to deal with such problems anymore. 

According to experts, wedge pillow is keeping your head and shoulder elevated along with the torso. When your body is at an elevation, gravity plays an important role in keeping stomach content in the esophagus and not reaching the food pipe anymore. The only option for your stomach is to deal with this acidity overnight. 

After a couple of days of use, you can expect a better sleep quality. During the first use, wedge pillow sounds like a hard to use the product, and it might be, but once you get used to it, there is no going back. Wedge pillows are comfortable, and they provide an intense number of benefits. 

Prominent Advantages Wedge Pillow 

Using a bed wedge pillow will eliminate acid reflux, but it will also help in several other manners. The below mentioned are a few of the important ones – 

  • Gentle slope provides you a cozy environment to sleep. 
  • Enhance your sleep quality, and you can sleep in less time. 
  • It can be used as a side slope to reduce back and neck pain. 
  • You can place it bellow legs to relieve some pain. 
  • It can be used as a laptop stand while working on laptops. 

These are some prominent advantages that can make you love a wedge pillow and expect better use. The other advantages regarding wedge pillow are its features such as breathable material, intense durability, etc. 


If you face acid-reflux-related issues without any reason, then sleeping position and elevation might be the major reason. According to stats, most face this issue, and people treat it using acid-neutralizer salts or over the counter medicines. 

You can get a wedge pillow and start getting all the impressive advantages that we have mentioned above. Make sure that you stay selective with the brand to get a quality wedge pillow for convenient use.

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